Monday, August 14, 2017


I have to note the irony of Dan closing comments on the post following a long discussion of his honesty by lying twice.

Lie #1, he claimed I've been saying he's cowardly.   I've actually been saying that he's afraid of acknowledging and dealing with the Truth.

Lie #2, is that I haven't answered his questions.  

Irony is amusing.  So is Dan.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Over the past few years my Facebook feed has been inundated with posts from a small number of vocal, politically liberal pastor type people.  They've been profligate in posting links to every article referencing the shootings of black men by various police officers.   They've also been quick to jump on supporting the various protests, riots, and violent actions undertaken against the police.

But two events have happened recently which have evoked a different reaction, namely silence.   The first was the cold blooded assassination of an innocent African American police officer in New York by a black thug.  The second was the shooting of a white woman by a Somali American Muslim police officer.

The thing that surprised me about the silence on the first incident was the fact that it was an amazing opportunity to gain some goodwill and improve the image of the BLM folks by acknowledging that black police officer lives are equally important as the lives of black criminals (I know Castille is considered to be saintly, but the lengthy criminal record is out there for all to see).   Yet these folks posted a grand total of zero posts acknowledging this brutal killing.   Our very own Dan couldn't even muster us a pro forma expression of respect.  

The other incident is more interesting.  There was certainly the initial jumping in with both feet, until the officers name and background came out.  Then all of a sudden, the issue jumped from police shootings to the systemic failures, poor training, and lack of body cam video.

To be clear, these folks voted for the mayor, the city council, and celebrated the hiring of the lesbian police chief.   (Kind of makes one wonder about the influence of affirmative action on that hire.)  They've actively supported the elected leadership of the city, county, and state that is responsible for the very systems they now decry.  I'm going to go out on a limb and guess they've never even consider (and won't for the upcoming election), voting any differently than how they have in the past.

Of course, this highlights the problem that people have when they pin everything to a narrative instead of reality.  When reality goes outside of the narrative you are left with two options.  Silence, or reconsider the narrative.  Until now, it's clear that the narrative is too dear to reconsider, hence the silence.  

As an aside.  Is there really any situation in which a Christian can support the threat of violence if events don't turn out the way they believe the events should turn out?  Is there any way a Christian can embrace a concept of Justice that doesn't allow for Truth and facts?

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

One More...

One more example of an innocent black man, gunned down by racist police.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Which party is really dying

Let's see, the dems have gone 0-fer on the various special "referendum on the Trump presidency" elections held of late, they just got shut out at the Supreme Court, but we keep hearing how rosy things are for them and how they can hear the GOP death rattle.

Interestingly enough, that just might not be quite as true as some might hope, as the first article linked points out.

The other thing we hear frequently is how vital and healthy the religious left is.  Again, someone begs to differ.

As usual, this is not necessarily an endorsement of everything the GOP does or will do, nor is it indicating a change in my support for Trump, it's just pointing out some things that other folks are saying.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Is it possible that you can have Justice without Truth?

Wednesday, June 14, 2017


When political opposition to Trump is cast as "resistance".

When these sorts of words are used to describe those with whom we disagree politically.

"sexual predator"
engaging in  "atrocity"

engaging in "horrible acts or promoted atrocious policies"

Why are we surprised that someone is motivated to try to start to eradicate the "evil", to engage in active resistance?

When "art" is actively engaged in dramatizing the assassination of the sitting president, does it surprise us when people follow the examples set  .by those in the public eye?

Sunday, June 4, 2017


10. The Public Perception

I'm going to start be stating the obvious, that perception is not reality.  I personally know and am involved with multiple churches who are doing virtually everything he suggests, and more, but who are still perceived negatively by the culture.   Jesus told us to expect this.  Focusing on perception rather than on doing the work of God's Kingdom here on earth is a mistake.  The only one who we need to be concerned with pleasing is God.


"We should be serving the crap out of them."

No argument.   I'll tread lightly on pointing out that this sort of contradicts the "don't expect us to serve" (#8), but in reality he's right.    

"We desperately need to be calling the schools and the city, knocking on doors, asking everyone around us how we can make their world better. When the public opinion shows 1/3 millennials are ANTI-CHURCH, we are outright failing at being the aroma of Christ."

Again, he's correct.  The Church should be seeking out many and varied means to do just what he suggests.  But our motivation should be to expand and further God's Kingdom on earth, not to try to impress millennials.

Again, from personal experience I'm pretty confident that this is happening more than he realizes. 

  • Call the local government and schools to ask what their needs are. (See: Service Day from #3)
  • Find ways to connect with neighbors within the community.
  • Make your presence known and felt at city events.
I have no problem with any of these things.  I do feel like having the right motivation can make a huge difference.  I also believe that nothing that the Church does will necessarily change peoples perceptions, and that the Church needs to remain the Church and not become just another social service organization.

Ultimately what the Church has to offer is far more than alleviation of material suffering.