Wednesday, February 21, 2018


Billy Graham has finally gotten to meet the savior he pointed so many toward. I especially pray for Michael, I know how important Graham was to him and how much he appreciated the opportunities to be involved in the crusades.

I fondly remember my time volunteering for a crusade many years ago, singing in the choir and praying with people.

God bless and keep his family and friends in this time of sorrow.

I’m waiting

I’m eagerly awaiting the rush of blog posts and social media outrage about the horrible, evil, heartless new immigration policy France has unveiled.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018


I’ve kind of got to wonder if anyone I know, any of the folk he hangs out with, or any of his tribe had anything to do with the “vandalized” billboard in KY.   Clearly, whoever did is is fundamentally agreement with the beliefs espoused by certain folk and their tribe, but you never really know for sure.  Do you?

A modest, rational, reasonable proposal

We currently have two issues that I believe can be best addressed by the same simple, reasonable, rational approach.   Immigration and firearms.   In both cases, let’s start by consistently, and diligently enforcing the current, existing laws that relate to these two issues.   Honestly, until we can do that, it’s just silly to engage in adding additional laws.   The primary benefit to this approach, is that it will allow the true scope and nature of the problem to be known, which means that we can base any next steps on the actual situation rather than a distorted view of the situation.   Once we see the results, then we can make targeted precise adjustments or changes to deal with reality, rather than broad sweeping changes based on perception.   It may be that there are some minor things that can be easily fixed, once we know the true scope of the problem.

Having said that, I personally have no objections to the following.

Increase the ownership age for some firearms from 18 to 21.
Implement a licensing system similar to drivers licensing.
Implement a graduated carry permit system that will be reciprocal across the country, and graduated based on age and skill/training level.
Increase regulation on bump stocks.

There you go, that seems like a reasonable and rational place to start a dialogue.  

Friday, February 16, 2018


Yesterday, both my Facebook and Twitter feeds were full of people demanding action, and (without actually being direct) calling for gun bans if some sort or another.   Today, in the wake of the FBI announcement that it dropped the ball after being warned specifically about this Cruz, I see nothing.   Not, continued calls for action.  Not, continued “why do people need...”.  Not even, “Oh, maybe I should have waited for more information before I made my pronouncements about who’s responsible”.    Not a single meme or quote or anything.

To answer the “What could have prevented this tragedy?” question.  Or the “Who’s responsible?” question.   I offer the following options.

1.  Cruz is responsible.  
2.  The FBI could have stopped this by doing their job, and following their procedures.
3.  See something, Say something actually worked in this case.

As an aside, while I would never broad brush an entire organization, it seems as though the FBI has some problems (or problem agents), and needs to do some work to rehabilitate it’s image and credibility.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

To all of those who react to tragedy by advocating a political agenda...

I have some questions.

For those who post the crossed out "thoughts and prayers" and replace it with "policy and change", great what are the specific policies and changes that would have prevented this incident?

Why denigrate "thoughts and prayers"?

For those pastor friends who have posted this.

When did you surrender the power of Christ to change lives to the power of the state?

Are you really willing to take the chance that your political advocacy will affect your tax status? 

To those who are perpetrating the "18 school shootings" misinformation.

Are you aware that it is misleading and designed to inflame an emotional response?

Do you understand the inconsistency in surrounding virtually every government facility except schools with armed guards and security measures?

Do you understand that the fact that schools are "soft" targets full of victims that generate maximum emotional impact are part of the reason why there are so many school shootings?

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

It’s always interesting

It’s fascinating to watch leftists get on their high horses and make sweeping unsupported claims about poor policy decisions.    Writing off ignorance of the actions of those they support as a goof.   All the while choosing to ignore the evidence that their preferred candidate was engaged in the very activities they now decry, not out of a poorly calculated government policy, but out of a desire to enrich themselves and their associates at the expense of the poor.

It’s almost as amusing a remembering their silence when the US (under their side) actively manipulated, or attempted, elections in at least two countries in contrast to the screeching about the Russian efforts to “hack” the last US election.

I’m not suggesting that the left is alone in this hypocritical inconsistency, just that it’s amusing to watch.

Which brings up in interesting question, is this line of thinking designed to assign responsibility to the individual voter for actions taken by the candidates they vote for.