Monday, February 27, 2017

Again, not the backlog of topics I have, but an attempt to provide some seperation.

Dan's recent post titled "You Are the Light of the World" contains the phrase "“You are the light of the world.”,  in response I asked this question.

Followed be a couple of possible comparisons/questions.

" Are we the light in the way that the sun is the light? In other words, do we within ourselves provide what is necessary to generate light?"

"Or are we light like the moon is light? Do we simply reflect the light of something greater. Or do we reflect the original light?"

As a way of hopefully disconnecting what I may think, from my sincere hope that Dan will expound upon how he views this, I have offered to start this thread in order to separate any conversation about my views from what I  hope will be the opportunity for Dan to expound more fully on his views.

If this solution proves acceptable to Dan, I will edit this post and begin the process of answering.  If it is no acceptable, I will consider the value of continuing.

Of course, if anyone else wants to chime in please feel free to do so.


"In what sense are we "the light"?".
Since this was pretty directly aimed at the intent of the original post, I'm not sure how much value my answer has, but here goes.

I would say that we are "the light" to the extent that Jesus "The Light" shines through us.  

" Are we the light in the way that the sun is the light? In other words, do we within ourselves provide what is necessary to generate light?"

I would argue that from a Biblical standpoint that whatever "light" we have is a result of how well we allow "The Light" to shine through us.  There is too much scripture that refers to our natural state as "walking in darkness", or being "dead" as well as to God being the source of light to believe that we (in and of ourselves) are capable or interested in truly being light.

"Or are we light like the moon is light? Do we simply reflect the light of something greater. Or do we reflect the original light?"

I think this is closer to the Truth.  Jesus clearly made the claim "I Am The Light".  There are two elements to that claim.  The "I Am", where He is claiming divinity and equality with YHWH, as well as the "The Light" where He is making a claim of exclusivity.  So, if Jesus is the singular Light, then the best we can claim is that some of His "light" is shown through our lives.  Strangely, one way we demonstrate Jesus light is by obeying His commandments.   So, even though it's not a precise analogue, I think that to say we are "light" to the extent that we reflect "The Light" is a reasonable way to look at the situation.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Life has been pretty busy, so I've been sitting on a bunch of post ideas for a while, but this just came up today and I thought I'd do a quick one.

As I watch the anti-Trump crowd and the string of endless protests, I can't help but notice that they're not really advocating for any specific things, just against  stuff.

The question that occurs to me is; "Is is possible that these endless protests just might have the effect of turning center/left/moderates away from the protesters and the liberal/progressive/socialist democratic side of things?",

I don't know that I have an opinion, but it sure seems possible that this could be a huge political mistake, and do exactly the opposite of what is intended.  

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Earlier I was falsely accused of being a Trump supporter, clearly this is false as my public record indicates.    Given that, I can assess the goings on in a more dispassionate way than others.  The irony is that if Trump is impeached and forced out of office (in a wordy case scenario), I'd be fine with that as I've often said that Pence (as were the rest of the VP candidates), would be a better president than Trump.

To be fair, I think that impeachment is almost always a bad idea especially without significant criminal activity, but in this case I'd have no political problem with the results.

I think too many anti-Trumpers think that they can magically replace Trump with Clinton.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Absolutely hilarious

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Unity, and other stuff

Apparently the best way for a bunch of women to march for unity is for them to exclude those that don't agree with them 100%

I wonder how many of the women who marched realized how many of the sponsor organizations are bankrolled by one man.

I wonder if folks realize that leaving mountains of trash on the streets doesn't make them or their cause look good.

I wonder how it is the the tolerant, inclusive, nonviolent leftists seem unable to protest much of anything without violence and damage to property.

I wonder why we never see a bunch of racist, gun loving, violence prone oppressive white guys running amok in the streets burning stuff.

I wonder what exactly the goal was on the protests this weekend.  It seems that the reason why the civil rights protests were successful (in part) was that they had a specific clearly articulated goal that they hoped to achieve.  I'd guess that "no justice, no peace." doesn't really count as a clearly articulated specific goal so much as a selfish tantrum.

Perhaps the left could take a break and demonstrate some of the tolerance they claim is so important to them.

Monday, January 16, 2017

The wrong questions

I must say that I was heartened by the fact that MLK 3 was brave enough to actually enter the lair of the evil, illegitimate, racist, misogynist, hateful, Trump.  Even more so that he actually had a conversation with Trump, unlike others.   However I noticed that his quote demonstrates an area where people are asking the wrong questions, therefore getting the wrong answers.

King said, "We need to be talking about how to clothe people, how do we feed people.”

While I agree that there is a need to meet the physical needs of people, I think King has it wrong.   Or alternatively, expressed himself poorly.

It seems to me that the goal is not to "feed" or "clothe" people, but to create an environment where people are able to feed and clothe themselves.  It seems that we should be working away from dependence and toward independence, not the reverse.   Now, I'm not a huge Trump fan, but he has been pretty consistent on wanting to improve the economy so that all sorts of people will be able to provide for themselves.  Further, it seems that deciding that "we" need to "feed" or "clothe" people is inherently more demeaning and dehumanizing that allowing people the opportunity to provide for themselves. 

On a related note, one of the issues of the last campaign was allowing refugees to come to the US.

After watching a video of a young Syrian boy  a few months ago (as well as from 1st hand experience) talk about what he really wanted was a job so he could provide for his mother and siblings, I realized that we're asking the wrong question.

Instead of how many Syrians can we uproot from their homeland and relocate to the US, we should be asking what can we do in order to give the Syrians the opportunity to thrive and prosper in their homeland and build a better country for themselves and for the region.

Clearly, there will be instances where certain individuals are unable to provide for themselves and where certain conditions mean that it is necessary to relocate a refugee to the US, but having the default position that we must "feed", "clothe", and "provide refuge to" the majority of affected people seems to be coming from the wrong place.  

Open letter

To all of the people (mostly women) who continue to ask that I stay out of their bedroom/sex life/uterus,

To all of you who feel so strongly and passionately that people like me stay out of areas of your life that you consider to be personal and private, I say that I will gladly stay out of yours as soon as you stop asking me to subsidize the choices that you make in your bedroom or your sex life and for helping you remove the foreseeable consequences of those activity when they end up in your uterus.

It would also be nice if you gave the spaces where people should have some degree of privacy the same degree of respect you want for yours.